Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Does humility have to involve humiliation

I think when it comes to us we'd like to answer this question with a resounding no. However, most of us in reality recognise that humility often comes through incredibly difficult and confidence shattering events. I have recently spoken to a couple of people who have talked about learning humility. Both of these people have gone through difficult times and have found that although they may have developed greater humility they have also lost a good deal else. They have lost some of the energy, enthusiasm and confidence which they had prior.

This made me wonder what's the alternative. Does humility always have to come as a result of difficult times? Does humility always have to come at the cost of confidence, energy, joy and passion? If not then what is the alternative?

Here are my initial thoughts. I wonder if humility can come through not some earth shattering crisis but through simply looking at, understanding and relating to someone who is so much better than you that it is impossible not to be humble. This is not a profound thought in any way but I wonder if so many of us need to be taught humility in such drastic ways because we have loat sight of Jesus and as such have not allowed his infinite worth to give us a more realistic and humble view of our own. If you need humility then don't wait for your world to fall to pieces but instead spend more time gazing at, appreciating and knowing Jesus.