Tuesday, 13 October 2009

My Christianity

Over the weekend we were looking at the religious nature of people's hearts. One of the aspects which really struck me was how we all tend to make religions which we can perform o.k. in. So we make the things which we consider to be virtues (whether they're down to a belief in the supernatural or just the sufficiency of man) things which we are good at.
As a Christian I was challenged at how often I do this and so here is my attempt to recognise that tendency in my life and identify some of the places it manifests itself.

In my Christianity...
...being self obsessed is better than being boring
...being unkind is better than being weird
...having a quiet time by yourself is better than doing it in a group
...being self controlled is better than being honest
...being irrationally committed to a new style of church is better than being irrationally committed to an old style
...being theologically sound is better than being loving
...speeding is better than under age drinking
...avoiding conflict is better than confronting sin
...talking about Jesus to non-Christians is better than talking about Jesus to Christians
...looking morally good is better than confessing to people and repenting
...being able to preach is better than being gentle
...being funny is better than being wise
In my Christianity I make the rules and I decide the priorities.


  1. Sign me up, I like that version of Christianity. Oh wait... you were saying it's bad... D'oh.

  2. To sign up for this Christianity all you need to do is give me ten percent of everything you own (including spice rack)!

  3. Oh Ben! Now I know that your funnyness is a cover for your lack of wisdom!