Thursday, 15 October 2009

When the ideas run out

In my short and undistinguished career I have done two jobs which have been quite ideas driven. So when I worked for Middlesbrough Football Club in the Community I was responsible for coming up with new and creative ways to teach young people a wide range of things using the football club as a hook. Over time I felt that many of my ideas became stale. Thinking of new and innovative ways to communicate became more and more difficult and constantly being expected to come up with new and whacky ideas I found somewhat exhausting.
My work for Browning Avenue Baptist Church at times feels very similar. The content is radically different but again at times I feel the same pressures. The pressure to think up new and innovative ways of communicating the gospel is at times inspiring and exciting but at other times stressful and depressing. What do you do when the ideas run out? I often feel like keeping interesting and original is just too difficult and I go back to the same stuff again and again.
I have no idea where this blog is going except that I need to remind myself that God is a creative God who created creative human beings and that God's work is not dependent on me having good enough ideas. At the football club my lessons were completely dependent on the ideas I had and my skill in delivering them however when it comes to the gospel, although I pray that God will use my ideas and gifts, ultimately his success does not rely on those things!
So I pray for good ideas and creativity but until they come I shall just have to get on with doing the work despite feeling uninspired and trust that God knows what he's doing!

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  1. It is good to be constantly trying to present the gospel in as fresh, relevant and engaging a way as possible as you say, it's also good to remember that the Bible talks about the gospel alone being the power for salvation, with the Holy Spirit opening peoples eyes. You don't ever hear the Bible suggesting that the likelihood of a person's responding with repentance and faith increasing by the message being delivered in a more interesting and original way. What matters much more it seems in the New Testament is that the gospel is faithfully and prayerfully presented. As you say, God does know what he is doing, and that's his plan! He uses the weak things, the foolish things, to shame the strong and wise.