Tuesday, 10 November 2009

If it makes you happy...

When I was growing up I remember a song being played on the radio which had the following very memorable words
'If it makes you happy,
Then why the hell are you so sa a a d'

Every now and again those words come back to haunt me. Every now and again when I have a day off and I spend it doing exactly what I want, these words seem ever so appropriate. Maybe it's the catchiness of the tune, maybe it was the fact that they were repeated ad tedium that makes them stick in my head but having not heard the song for years they are still there. How can I spend a day just doing what I choose to do and at the end of it still not feel happy?

It strikes me that I am not alone in this. I find a lot of people unable to do things to make themselves happy despite having that as their primary focus. So many people's primary focus is making themselves happy and yet they fail to even achieve this.

Jesus said that he came to bring a new full life for people. The kind of life which only flows out of right relationship with God. However, some days my decisions show me that I prefer my old empty life to the new full one which Jesus offers! It frustrates me no end when I see people unwilling to give Christianity a go because they're not willing to give up a life which doesn't even make them happy. However, every now and again, I spend whole days doing exactly the same!
I need God to continue to transform my heart, soul and mind because I have become a consummate pro when it comes to deceiving myself!

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  1. We are all very good at deceiving ourselves. We attempt to fill our lives with stuff, things and relationships that don't make us really happy.
    Jesus gives us life to the full, so that our joy may be complete. I find myself asking why are we so stupid that we don't accept that joy, and try to put idols in God's place instead.

    I feel I have a lot to learn from God!