Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Well hello again everyone. I guess it is about time life went back to some semblance of normality after Christmas even though we're still suffering from some slightly fresh weather.
This afternoon I went to see Avatar and so I thought I'd share two thoughts I had!
1. Isn't it amazing how the blue creatures never do anything wrong. You never see anyone act selfishly or destructively they really are just good. This makes you as the audience instantly root for them and it seems to make them enjoy a much better level of existence to the humans. It's interesting that we can recognise that living a certain way leads to a better life in films but we fail to believe it when it comes to living our own lives!

2. How come whenever anyone believes in God or anything beyond the simply materialistic they have to be portrayed as in some ways primitive. So the blue things believe in a spiritual realm but they also fight with spears, wear little or no clothes, don't seem into technology and do some fairly weird chanting and shaking sort of stuff. I have to say that this sort of portrayal does somewhat do my head in

As I was watching Avatar and soaking up the special effects I couldn't help but wish that humanity was just slightly better than we are! Fortunately the Bible says that we can be and that one day humanity and the world will be!

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