Saturday, 30 April 2011

Another hour of your life

So this week I have given an hour of my life to the following...
1 - Watching Man City v Blackburn (not sure why I did this)
2 - Watching Real Madrid v Barcelona (wish I hadn't done this)
3 - Playing Fifa 11
4 - Playing Tennis
5 - Playing Monopoly (First time for about 15 years and I remembered why it had been so long)

Much like last week my week has involved a mix of enjoyable and not enjoyable. A mix of things which were a good idea and things which weren't.

Now for those of you who decided that an hour on Easter Sunday was too much to give up to see if it had anything to say to you let me suggest you join us this Sunday (10:45am at Browning Avenue Baptist Church) for the start of a new series we're doing looking at the meaning of life from the book of Ecclesiastes. If you don't normally go to church why not give it a whirl and see if the Bible has anything interesting/useful to say about the meaning of life.

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